Visitors Voice

Welcome to our 'Virtual Visitors Voice'

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write to us; we love to hear what parents, carers, children and the public think about our school.

We would like to share just a few of the positive comments we have received.

"H has had a fantastic first year in school and we couldn't be happier with the progress that he has made" - Parent
" J has enjoyed being in the Infants and is going to miss everybody.  You all are lovely people and you all should be proud of all you do for the children " - Parent
" D has gained so much confidence and has really come out of her shell " - Parent
" We are so proud of everything W has achieved this year.  We have seen him develop with his reading, writing and maths but also socially.  He loves school " - Parent
" A is a different child to the shy little girl who started.  She has grown academically, socially and in confidence, largely due to the school being so lovely and nurturing.  We will all miss this school very much ! " - Parent
" I enjoy coming to visit this school, everyone is so welcoming and friendly " - Visitor
" F has come on leaps and bounds " - Parent
" I am pleased with E's progress in school this year, both academically and in her self confidence " - Parent
" I wakes up every morning happy and excited to go to school " - Parent
" Very pleased with the progress S has made since starting school.  I think that her progress is down to the excellent teaching and nurturing environment " - Parent
" We're happy to see what excellent progress H has made in his first year at school.  Many thanks to all of the teachers for their efforts " - Parent