Supporting Your Child at Home

We recognise the importance of home and school working in partnership in order to build effective relationships.

There are many ways you can support your child in their learning.

  • Provide school with the information needed to plan effectively for your child, including the exact nature of any disability or medical condition.

  • The school promotes good attendance and punctuality.  Please ensure your child arrives at school on time and prepared for the school day.

  • Inform school at the earliest opportunity if your child will not be attending school and avoid disrupting your child's education by keeping absences to a minimum.

  • Keep up to date on events in school and check your child's school bag or the school website for important letters or forms.

  • Attend parents' consultation meetings to discuss your child's progress.  Talk with your child's teacher about any concerns you may have in a timely manner.

  • Reading for pleasure greatly enhances children’s academic achievements in all areas.  Parents/carers can encourage children to read for pleasure at home.

Together we can support the children’s learning to help them achieve their best.