Pupil Premium

The school tracks pupils who are eligible for the Pupil Premium very carefully in terms of their performance against their peer group. The small numbers of children in receipt of the Pupil Premium does, however, produce data that is prone to misrepresentation.

We work hard to support all children to achieve their potential – emotionally, socially and academically and prepare them as they go forwards in their lives. Those pupils who are eligible for the Pupil Premium receive support in a number of ways depending on their individual needs.

When judging the impact of the Pupil Premium it should be understood that the school focuses on the inclusion of all children. The funding is used to specifically support better outcomes for disadvantaged pupils but also for the benefit of all children by allowing the hugely valuable retention of experienced Teaching and Support staff.

The school monitors the progress and development of all pupils and in particular those pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium. There is a focus through robust tracking to evaluate the impact of this support.